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The pages of this presentation were prepared using some advanced HTML features. However for the most part it is pretty basic HTML. The advanced elements used include tables and client-side image maps. If you are using Netscape Navigator V2 or above, or Microsoft Internet Explorer V2 or above, then you should have no problems. Most browsers should support tables ok. Client-side image maps were only used for the navigational bars at the top of every page. The same links in text format appear at the bottom of every page, so nothing should be lost there.

If you have had trouble displaying or navigating through these pages with your browser, please contact me with a description of your troubles.

If You Would Like to Purchase the Complete Story

You can purchase the full version of Pinball and World War 2, 2nd Edition as a printed book. Displayed on these web pages is about half of the complete original HTML version (1st edition). The all new 2nd edition features re-scanned and re-edited high resolution graphics, new information, pictures, color cover page, etc. etc. The 2nd edition is now the "live" version of the presentation, and is laid out specifically for print (e.g. it is not just the HTML version printed.). Occasionally updates may appear on the web in HTML format however. Hundreds of hours were put into the original version and now many more have been put into creating the 2nd edition.

If you are interested please go to the Pinnovations Stuff For Sale page for ordering information.


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