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Conversion Ads

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On this page you can see several conversion ads put out by various companies.

Bell Products - Pin-Up Girl

Bell Products - PinUp From January 1944, converted from Bally's Silver Skates (1941).

Roy McGinnis - Dust Whirls

Roy McGinnis - Dust Whirls From May 1944, converted from Bally's Club Trophy (1941).

Marvel - Baseball

Marvel - Baseball From September 1944 or earlier. Unknown which game this was converted from (if any).

Victory Games - Smack the Japs

Victory Games - Smack the Japs From June 1943, converted from Genco's Ten Spot (1941).

Westerhaus - Victorious 1943

Westerhaus - Victorious 1943 From May 1943, converted from Stoner's Turf Champ (1936). Not much change from the original game as you can see. Westerhaus also had Victorious '44 and '45, still converted from the popular 1936 Stoner game.

Want to see more conversions? Then look here.

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