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Vending and Cigarette Machines Ads

Product Id Ad/Game/Device Name Mfr Year Color Price Notes
CO-292 Adams Gum Vender A. H. Du Grenier 1940 B $4.75 GV Corp ad
CO-199 Big Guessing Scale Watling 1941 B $4.75

CO-302 Book Match Vender C. W. Northcutt 1942 B $2.50 match vender
CO-294 Bottled Beverage Dispenser O. D. Jennings 1940 B $4.75 pop vendor
CO-54 Candy Machine Rowe Mfg 1940 B $3.00
CO-189 Candy Machine A. H. Du Grenier 1941 B $3.00 one column candy vendor
CO-432 Candy Machine U-Need-A-Pak 1944 B $2.50 5 column 102 bar capacity candy machine. Uneeda Vending Service ad
CO-238 Candy Man A. H. Du Grenier 1941 B $4.75 with Champion
CO-65 Card-O-Scale Pace Mfg 1940 B $2.50 scale
CO-40 Champion A. H. Du Grenier 1940 B $4.75 cigarette vender
CO-267 Cig-O-Matic Pace Mfg 1940 B $3.00 circular counter top cigarette vender
CO-29 Ciga Rola O. D. Jennings 1940 B $4.75 cigarette vender
CO-334 Cigaromat Berger-Shaw 1942 B $2.50 7 column cigarette vender
CO-350 Columbus Ball Gum Vendor Model 34 Columbus Vending 1942 C $6.50 with Model ZM
CO-351 Columbus Ball Gum Vendor Model ZM Columbus Vending 1942 C $6.50 with Model 34
CO-233 Cracker Vendor Cooke 1941 B $2.50 vends crackers Torr ad
CO-447 Dairy Drink Dispenser O. D. Jennings 1945 B $4.75 case-style drink dispenser
CO-345 Double Hershey Bar Penny Vendor Shipman Mfg 1942 B $3.00 with single vendor
CO-454 Drink Vendor (1946 Model) United Beverage 1945 B $4.75 vends two types of soft drinks at once
CO-357 Drink Vendor ad Refreshment Vending and Machine 1941 B $4.75 bottled drink vendors Ace and Queen models mentioned and one shown
CO-56 Dualway Stewart & McGuire Vending Machine Co. (Vemco) 1940 B $4.75 8 column cigarette vender refurbished?
CO-343 Duplex Hershey Bar Vendor Shipman Mfg 1942 B $3.00 two column Hershey Bar vendor
CO-352 Esquire Premium Vendor Victor Vending 1941 B $4.75 ball gum vendor for fountain pens and knives
CO-476 Featuristic Scale Rock-Ola 1928 F $11.00 2pg color brochure
CO-366 Glamour Girl Card Vender International Mutoscope 1943 B $3.00 three column card vender
CO-44 Golfa Rola O. D. Jennings 1940 B $4.75 vends golf balls
CO-362 Gues-ser ABT 1943 B $4.75 war time factory rebuilt weigh scale
CO-24 Guessing Scale Watling 1940 B $4.75 weigh scale
CO-358 Gum Merchandiser Rowe Mfg 1941 B $4.75 art deco gum vendor
CO-451 Harvard Metal Typer Harvard Automatic Machine 1945 B $4.75 metal stamper machine
CO-264 Hershey Bar Vendor Marshall Cornine Jr NY 1940 B $2.50 penny candy vendor
CO-106 Ideal Penny Cigarette Vendor American Products Company 1940 B $3.00 cigarette vender
CO-387 Lo Boy Rock-Ola 1939 B $3.00 scale
CO-383 Lucky Horoscope Ace Games Mfg 1959 B $4.75 vends horoscope ticket with concealed number
CO-333 Match Vender (Un-named) Universal Distributing 1942 B $3.00 vends books or boxes of matches
CO-57 Metal Typer Name Plate Machine Groetchen Tool and Die 1939 C $6.50

CO-506 Model 107 Gum Vender Mills Automatic Merchandising 1951 C $4.75 small 6-colun vender
CO-190 Model 500 U-Need-A-Pak 1941 B $4.75

CO-422 Model E Cigarette Vendor U-Need-A-Pak 1944 B $2.50 9 or 8 column cigarette vendor. Uneeda Vending Service ad
CO-466 Model N Gum Vendor A. H. Du Grenier 0 B $5.75 flyer for 4 column tab gum vendor
CO-409 Model S Cigarette Vendor A. H. Du Grenier 1944 B $2.50 7 column cigarette vendor Uneeda Vending Service ad
CO-341 Model V Ball Gum Vendor Victor Vending 1942 B $4.00
CO-413 Model W Cigarette Vendor A. H. Du Grenier 1944 B $2.50 9 column cigarette vendor sk
CO-391 Modern Scale Mills Novelty 1931 B $3.00 has Health Chart simple Spinning Reels magazine ad
CO-480 Name Plate Machine Roovers 1942 B $2.50 plate stamper machine
CO-200 Nine-Column Stewart & McGuire Electro Ball Mfg 1941 B $4.75 with 7 column version
CO-471 Novelty Candy Vender Exhibit Supply 1935 C $18.00 4pg brochure like rotary merchandiser
CO-30 Novelty Card Vender International Mutoscope 1940 B $4.75
CO-223 Outdoor Adams Gum Vendor GV Corp 1941 B $4.75 with Standard vendor
CO-434 Popmatic Popcorn Machine P. K. Sales 1944 B $4.75 popcorn vendor P. K. Sales ad
CO-119 Rowe Standard Candy Merchandiser (The) Rowe Mfg 1940 B $4.75
CO-363 Rowe WW2 Candy-Cigarette Ad Rowe Mfg 1943 B $4.75 war time ad on maintaining candy and cigarette machines for the duration
CO-346 Select A Bar Shipman Mfg 1942 B $2.50 four column candy bar vendor
CO-67 Select-A-Pack Select-A-Pak 1940 B $3.00 cigarette vender
CO-107 Selective Gum Vendor A. H. Du Grenier 1940 B $4.75 vends Adams chewing gum G.V. Corp. ad
CO-27 Serve-Ur-Self Consolidated Sales 1940 B $3.00 vends drinks - mfr uncertain
CO-55 Seven-Column Stewart & McGuire Electro Ball Mfg 1940 B $4.75 refurbished Du Grenier cigarette vender
CO-344 Single Hershey Bar Penny Vendor Shipman Mfg 1942 B $3.00 with double vendor
CO-298 Speak-O-Phone Recording Studio Recording and Equipment 1940 B $4.75 phono record recording studio
CO-342 Spin-It Shipman Mfg 1942 B $4.75 peanut vendor with fortune teller spinning reel
CO-205 Standard (The) Rowe Mfg 1941 B $4.75 8 column candy vendor
CO-222 Standard Adams Gum Vendor GV Corp 1941 B $4.75 with Outdoor vendor
CO-399 Trylon Scale Mills Novelty 1938 B $4.75 simple Spinning Reels magazine photo and story (4pgs)
CO-431 Univendor Stoner 1944 B $4.75 9 column candy vendor
CO-521 Univendor Junior and Senior Stoner 1947 F $20.00 12 x 18 color poster with Junior and Senior models shown - from 6pg brochure
CO-520 Univendor Theatre Models Stoner 1949 F $11.00 De Luxe Theatre Model and Dual De Luxe theatre Model shown incl/one page price list also
CO-173 Vendco Merchandiser Unknown 1941 B $2.50 Universal Distributing ad
CO-140 Vending Machines ad J. H. Keeney and Co. 1929 B $3.50 general vending machine ad. Has factory sketch.

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