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All prices shown on the other pages are in US dollars and specify surface shipping if not indicated separately. Prices good for Canada and the USA only. For Canadian orders, convert to Cdn$ using the current exchange rate.

For items sold via auction, you can request that I start an auction on an item or I can make up prices based on current availability.


I am very flexible in payment types accepted. I accept PayPal, CCNow (for ads via the shopping cart), cheques (US$ drawn on US banks or Cdn$ drawn on Canadian banks), US$ money orders or Cdn$ money orders. Cash is also accepted but I can't recommend this option due to the risk involved.

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Items bought via the CCNow shopping cart can be paid for using major credit cards, PayPal, etc.

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For PayPal, my email address is the main one as seen on the Contact page of this web site

Bartering of livestock will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Chickens preferred. Sometimes sheep (female) will be considered. Cows and oxen only considered for larger items.


Sometimes there are savings to be realized when shipping multiple items. If two items can be shipped cheaper together than both individually you will be refunded the difference, or if the difference is small I may ship via air mail instead of surface, etc. For example, if you order a single flyer copy with a heavy book, chances are there would be no extra cost for shipping the flyer. Please email for a quote first before ordering to confirm any shipping savings. I do not profit on shipping, and strive to be accurate in estimates.

For non-North American orders, please contact me first to arrange price and shipping details. People tell me air mail overseas is a necessity. Please don't order if you are going to heckle me asking why the post office hasn't yet delivered your item! It takes time and is out of my control.

Also for non-North American orders, the shipping charges automatically tallied for the shopping cart are approximate. I reserve the right to cancel the order if the actual charges are significantly higher than expected. I don't sell enough items around the world to warrant determining actual costs for each country ahead of time. Rest assured however that if the actual shipping cost is less than the initial charge, I will refund the difference.

How To Order

If mailing funds, please contact me for my postal mailing address. I am located in Canada.

Note for US folks that postage costs to Canada are a few cents higher than for domestic (US) letters.

Most other items can be bought using the shopping cart. If you are unsure about anything just contact me.

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Last updated: March 23, 2010

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