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Gooligan's Hooligans (project GH2006), a new custom home-built home-made homebrew DIY pinball machine, was started around January 1, 2006. It consisted of two parts: a new system and a new game based on that system. The game is now complete. After the Pinball Expo in Chicago in October 2008 I decided to stop working on it. However a mainly-software update was completed in April 2009. Click on "Update 1" from the left links menu to read about that.

A second update for V1R2 was done prior to taking the game to the Toronto Pinball and Gameroom Show, May 15-16, 2010. Click on "Update 2" from the left links menu to read about that update and how it worked at the show.


The backglass, more video game marquee-sized than a normal pinball glass.

Click here for a 2 page printable PDF flyer of the game (5.7MB; 2010 version).

I spoke at the Chicago Pinball Expo on Thursday October 2nd at 3pm ("Building Your Own Pinball Machine") and unveiled the game at that time. The game was later set up in the exhibit hall and available for play the rest of the weekend. There were a couple of mechanical issues due to moving and one intermittent software bug.

The bug was fixed early Saturday afternoon and the game ran smoothly the last few hours of the show. Thank you to all who took the time to play the game and/or make suggestions or provide comments.

game glow

The finished game in the glow of the LED GI bulbs.

The Expo presentation is now available here - click on the Expo 2008 link from the left menu. I have also put up about 100 photos taken during development. These are available (with comments) by clicking on the Dev Gallery link at left. Audio and video links can be found from the Expo 2008 page.

Last updated: May 19, 2010


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