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Updates - Stage Door Canteen

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Stage Door Canteen backglass

I had located an April 1945 ad stating that this game was available for purchase. The price was $210, indicating that the game was most likely new. Yet, Gottlieb supposedly did not release Stage Door Canteen until after the war, in late 1945/early 1946. I spoke with several people about this and received no conclusive answers. At Expo '96 in Chicago, I asked former Gottlieb designer Wayne Neyens about the game.

He told me that a wartime version of the game did exist. I didn't get a chance to get more details however. Wayne was in the service in WW2, as was his wife. He recalled that near the end of the war, it appeared that David Gottlieb pulled some strings to get him released early.

Photo courtesy of John Popadiuk

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