1951 Gottlieb Rose Bowl

Uncommon classic 1951 Gottlieb woodrail in good working condition. Play football at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. This game features unusual scoring - instead of scoring normal points, you gain yardage, visually advancing (aka backglass animation) the football down the 100 yard football field. Cross the goal line and score a touchdown. Score at least as many TDs as the home team and win a free game then a free game for every TD afterwards.

At the start of the each game the home score in TDs is "randomly" determined from 7-12. It is like having a variable replay score - not something you normally see! Normal target hits help advance the ball, with some giving you 5 yards and others 10 yards. The center kickout is worth a TD, as are some of the rollovers. All challenging and fun shots to try for. When you score a TD the nice Gottlieb gong rings.

Note the unusual bottom playfield arrangement - quite unique. I've kept the tilt setting very sensitive to keep the challenge up, but I think softening the tilt would also be a lot of fun - you definitely want to shake the game when the ball is near those slingshot kickers at the very bottom.

Specials can be won by completing the challenging 1-8 bumper sequence. I always go for this, as much as scoring the TDs.

It has been an annual tradition for me to play this game on January 1 while watching the actual Rose Bowl game from Pasadena. I make it my goal to win "my" Rose Bowl game before the actual Rose Bowl ends. It is exciting to get down to the two-minute warning in the real Rose Bowl, and trying to get a last minute win on the pinball machine.

The games plays fine and the features work. I have to manually wind up the free play credit counter - I don't think the coin chute works.

Cosmetically, the backglass is very good. It has been sprayed with Krylon Triple-Thick, with a few small touch ups done over top. Mostly just small cracks that I tried to fill in. After applying the Krylon, etc., I added new felt pads on the backing panel, and I offset that panel slighly with washers, so there is less pressure on the glass. You can remove this if you want but I think this is a good mod.

The playfield is ok, with significant but normal wear - see the pictures. The cabinet is solid and pretty good. The coin door is wrong, but you could repaint it if desired. Legs are ok with newer levellers. Playfield plastics are ok with newer rubber everywhere. The red pop bumper caps are repros and not 100% correct - should be all red and not with a white center. However I envisioned creating cool football-related decals for the caps. Repro red shooter gauge installed.

The tray liner is a repro, and the score/instruction card is a facsimile of what the original would be. I created that to be like other Gottlieb instruction cards, and jazzed it up with some game graphics from the flyer.

Note the original autograph by legendary 103 year-old designer of the game, WAYNE NEYENS!

Comes with a copy of the schematic. Asking Cdn$1250 as is. No guarantees or warranties. Local pickup from Newmarket, Ontario. Cash and carry. If this doesn't sell in the next short while it will be going into storage FYI.

COVID crap: Please only one person to see the game. Mask must be worn at all times and worn properly. Do not show up if you have sniffles, sneezes, coughs, fever, or any other possible signs of COVID, or been exposed to anybody with COVID! This applies whether you have been vaccinated or not.

The Pix

Click on the picture links to view the images of interest. A new window will pop-up for each pic. Close the window when done. Cabinet side pix are not the best because the game is in a row of games. I did the best I could. The back door slides up on this game so it is hard to take pictures of the back guts.

The photos of the backglass lit up were taken many years ago when I had the back panel out to spray the glass. As noted below, the QB does not have a lamp insert behind it. I think Gottlieb intended to have a bulb there but must have changed their mind prior to production. The QB on the backglass is masked as if it were to be lit (pic 25). You could always add one - it would not be difficult. The photo of the backglass back was taken at the same time, many years ago.

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