1910s circa Radioptican Projector, HC White Bennington VT

For sale is a century old American projector/viewer called the Radioptican, model #421, produced by the H.C. White Company of Bennington Vermont. I am no expert but it seems to have been built in the 1910-1915 period (correct me if I am wrong). It was used to project any picture or printed material onto a screen or wall by a telescoping focusing lens. It is made of metal.

I have never used it. It is missing the back door, and there are no slides to project. A door wouldn't be too hard to fashion. There is the electrical cord and light bulbs inside but I have never plugged it in. The power cord looks old, original (or at least vintage) and in reasonable shape. In terms of size it is just under 12 inches in all dimensions. I have just enjoyed this as a cool old antique - kind of funky looking. It has some light surface rust (aka patina). This is a great find for a projector enthusiast.

No paperwork available. Asking Cdn$30 as is, non-working. Local pickup from Newmarket, Ontario. Very small and light to handle. Cash and carry.

COVID crap: Please only one person to see the game. I can help move it out of my basement using my moving dolly. Mask must be worn at all times and worn properly. Do not show up if you have sniffles, sneezes, coughs, fever, or any other possible signs of COVID, or been exposed to anybody with COVID! This applies whether you have been vaccinated or not.

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