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Pinball and World War 2


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Now shipping a greatly improved 2nd edition!

Pinball and World War 2 coverClick to view the cover (63K).

Pinball and World War 2 is a presentation about the pinball/coin-op industry during World War 2. It also examines snippets of popular culture of the time and life in general. This 2nd edition is 118 pages, 8.5" x 11", spiral bound, black and white with an awesome laminated color cover page.

Originally created as an HTML-based presentation for the web, it has evolved into printed form. The 2nd edition enhancements and changes include:

  • Now completely digitally printed on a Xerox Docutech printer. This has resulted in an even better increase in quality!
  • Vastly improved printed graphics. Every graphic image has been rescanned and re-edited to look sharp in print. As a result of this all images are much clearer, and displayed larger in many cases.
  • More pictures from the original, with some extra game conversion ads added in addition to actual game photos. Over 200 pictures in all.
  • Updated information has been assimilated. Since the first edition was created, feedback has been received on some issues, and a few points clarified. Additional research was also done. This information has been incorporated to create a more accurate story.
  • 118 pages versus 78 in the original version.
  • Color cover page. The 2nd edition is spiral bound with an attractive laminated front cover.

This book also features the most comprehensive and accurate reference of WW2 conversion games created to date.

The original HTML version on diskettes is no longer provided. The simple reality is that it is just too hard to maintain multiple versions of the same presentation! However, you can view part of the HTML version of the original presentation here.

If you are interested in acquiring a reproduction of the Bomb the Axis Rats backglass (as featured on the cover page), check with CSSK Amusements.


Sold out. Try some of the reputable pinball dealers. Another printing will be done possibly in 2002.

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