1958 Genco Gun Club For Sale


For sale is a 1958 Genco Gun Club rifle game in good working condition.

Put a dime in the slot then take 25 shots at moving rabbits, rotating clay pipes and foxes and other stationary targets. Score high enough and get some bonus shots.

The screened artwork is pretty nice although there is a bit of flaking in the corner. The game scores pretty well and the bell rings.

I have a schematic copy too.

Being a 58 year old game, things can go wrong or get out of whack so be prepared to make minor repairs occasionally. However since getting this game going 10 years ago, I really haven't had to do anything with it.

Another feature that has never worked, and I've never cared about it is the long outer loop shot that is supposed to do something in the one mode to redirect the ball. No idea what the issue is.

Your score gets you a grade at the end - are you an "Expert", "Sharpshooter", "Marksman" or "Rifleman"?

This is a great game for kids and complements other toys in your game room.


Asking Cdn$625 or best offer, cash 'n carry. And about the "carrying" part - this game is big and awkward so bring muscle to help get it up the stairs! The only issue is making the 90 degree turn on the landing. It will go but will take power and patience. One thing I learned after moving it in was that the entire bottom board can be slid out to reduce the weight.

Game can be seen and played in Newmarket, ON. No shipping.

Make sure you've got a big vehicle too - an open pick up would be great or an emptied out minivan with seats removed. The game is 72in high, about 27in wide and 38in deep. But, with the gun attached it can be almost 50in deep. I recall being able to unhinge the gun somehow to reduce that down, but beware.

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