Candy Bar Vending Machine

For sale here is a basic candy bar vending machine. I don't even know who manufactured it. I got it from somewhere in Michigan. I would guess it was manufactured in the 1970s. It works and I've used it for several years to dispense chocolate bars to me. It is 17W x 13.5D x 31H (inches) and is all-metal. It has a coin slide that takes US quarters and nickels for a 30 cent price. The machine is 100% mechanical.

There are 6 slots. You load the fill in each slot and put the heavy weighted piece on top. The customer puts 30 cents in the slot. They move the mechanical control (round silver ball thing visible in the photo - about the size of a pinball) to the slot that they want. Then they push in the slide, which pushes the item out of the slot where it can slide down to the bottom to be retrieved. If there is no product in the chosen chute, the slide will not go in and they have to choose another slot.

As the owner, you use the key to unlock the front and take the top panel off. The money is gotten from a narrow area in the middle - kind of a dumb design. I made a tiny coin tray to fit in there.

Not all products can be vended from here, due to the changing shapes of candy bars. I used to keep Aero bars, Caramilk, and Smarties. I added some little pieces inside to help vend things easier (visible in pic 6 - the metal pieces at the back of the slots).

Also note that the very bottom was rusted when I got it. I cleaned it up and spray painted it. My color match was not perfect - maybe you can do better. Being at the bottom you don't tend to notice it much though.

The front panel has a Hersheys paper logo in it that can be replaced.

All in all it is a nice little machine, even if it is not perfect. Not exactly a Stoner Theater 6-pull classic, but hey, you can get chocolate bars out of it. You can't practically use this on location (in case you have any grand plans of selling chocolate bars that cost you $1 each for 30 cents, etc.). This is strictly for home I would say.

Easy to carry, transport, and store. Asking Cdn$200 or good offer. No guarantees or warranties. Local pickup from Newmarket, Ontario. Cash and carry. If this doesn't sell in the next short while it will be going into storage FYI.

COVID crap: Please only one person to see the game. Mask must be worn at all times and worn properly. Do not show up if you have sniffles, sneezes, coughs, fever, or any other possible signs of COVID, or been exposed to anybody with COVID! This applies whether you have been vaccinated or not.

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