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Pinball Ad Catalog Volume 3, 1936


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New book! Pinball Ad Catalog Volume 3, 1936 depicts the ads and flyer/brochure images used to advertise the pinball games in 1936, the peak year for pinball production by the main manufacturers.

Included also are some stories of interest. And for the first time, game pricing info is included for games produced from 1931-1939.

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The book comes in at 361 pages, just two pages less than the preceding volume 2 which covered two complete years (1934-1935). The book starts off with over 50 pages worth of stories and information, followed by an additional 300 pages of reproduced game ads and stories/press releases from the time.

Once again hundreds of hours were dedicated to reading, copying, scanning, digitally editing and organizing these ads and related stories, in addition to time spent writing original supplementary material on topics of interest.

The resulting catalog is a (hopefully) well organized reference of this most interesting year of pinball production.

This work is a follow up to the previous ad catalogs in the series Pinball Ad Catalog Volume 1, 1931-33 and Pinball Ad Catalog Volume 2, 1934-35.

Below are some comments from Wayne Neyens about the book (printed with permission). Wayne was the famous Gottlieb designer of over 150 games from the golden era and got his pinball industry start in 1936 with Western Equipment.

Loved the book. I finally finished your volume 3, it was unbelievable. I can't imagine how many hours to put such a compilation together. Reading that book brought back so many memories, you can't believe.

The Sherman Hotel & the College Inn stories bring back many memories to me. I worked the conventions not only for Western but also for Gottlieb. That hotel was wild and for a 18 year old kid it was an eye opener, believe me ...

Of course I was most interested in Gottlieb and Western, although the other companies advertising was also interesting. The picture on page 185 of Dave, Nate and Maurice was interesting to me, Maurice was the superintendent and he was the one that hired me in 1939. I'll never forget him.

The games that I remember so well and worked on them were Harmony Bell, Punch Line, Shell Game, Stock Market and Flying High. Those were fun days ...

The book is really great and a treasure that will be kept along side all the other great books that have been written about that wonderful wonderful era.

Wayne Neyens

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Here's what you get in the book:

  • Over 200 black and white game ads from 25 different manufacturers.
  • Numerous miscellaneous images of interesting pinball people or on-location scenes
  • Complementary articles for many of the most popular games, written at the time of the game's introduction
  • Several new stories on interesting topics such as the Bank Nite phenomenon, the emergence of Skee Ball as a popular new coin-op game, technical information, etc.
  • 361 printed pages (8.5" x 11") spiral bound for easy page flipping. Pages lay flat. All pages black and white.
  • A Table of Contents ordered alphabetically by manufacturer for easy look up.
  • An index with entries for each game featured, plus a cross index of all games alphabetically within each manufacturer. Handy when you know the name of the game but not perhaps the maker.

Click here to view a sample ad from the catalog (122K).

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