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Pinball Ad Catalog Use 5


Use 5 - Leg Leveller

You've just brought that new find home in your truck. A beautiful 1935 Bally Traffic. But wait, the game is wobbly. And you can't move that frozen rusted crusty leg leveller to adjust for the wonky floor. What to do? Sure you could go and get a phone book, but what happens the next time you get the munchies and an urge for pizza? You need to look up their number.

That won't do. Wait, you can use Pinball Ad Catalog Volume 2! It's big and thick and just fits under that Traffic leg just fine. Problem solved. Traffic is level and ready to be played! And wow, Volume 3 is almost the exact same thick size. So if you needed to check an ad in Volume 2 just swap Volume 3 in for it temporarily! How's that for engineering?

Of course, most times your floor and legs won't be that far out of alignment. For those cases, you can use the smaller cousin, Pinball Ad Catalog Volume 1. It's still big, and will get the job done. Problem solved.

That's it for now. Five great uses for the Pinball Ad Catalogs. What are you waiting for?

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Last updated: March 22, 2010

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