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Pinball Ad Catalog Use 4


Use 4 - The Reverse Pitch

Are you as petrified of answering the door as I am? If you're not expecting somebody then you know what awaits you - a solicitation. In the case illustrated above, a lovely girl peddling boxes of cookies. What to do? You feel like a heel if you say no.

The answer is surprisingly simple. Grab your handy copy of Pinball Ad Catalog Volume 2 or Volume 3 and try and sell it to the solicitor. Try such time-honored slogans as "you'll be fascinated by the tale of the New York Sportlands" or how about "300 ads from over 40 manufacturers". This one always wins them over: "read about the Bagatelle Bar - an incredible spot where you play to win free shots of booze!". And to lock up the deal: "look at all these payout games from 1936 - some with multi-coin heads!"

The solicitor will soon be coughing up all that cookie money for your copy of the book. In most cases any way. Your results may vary.

Support the Girl Guides and Brownies in your town. They do good stuff!

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Last updated: March 22, 2010

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