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Pinball Ad Catalog Volume 2, 1934-35


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Pinball Ad Catalog Volume 2, 1934-35 depicts the ads and flyer/brochure images used to advertise the pinball games in the exciting 1934-35 period. Also featuring many stories of interest.

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Coming in at a whopping 363 pages, this is one of the biggest pinball related books ever created. The book starts off with 75 pages worth of stories and information, plus an additional 280+ pages of reproduced game ads and stories/press releases from the time.

Hundreds of hours were dedicated to reading, copying, scanning, digitally editing and organizing these ads and related stories, in additiona to time spent writing original supplementary material on topics of interest.

The resulting catalog is a well organized reference of this most interesting period in the history of the marble game. If you are interested in 1930s pinball games or in the history of pinball in general, then I urge you to buy this book.

This work is a follow up to the original ad catalog Pinball Ad Catalog Volume 1, 1931-33.

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Here's what you get in the book:

  • Over 300 black and white ads from over 40 different manufacturers. Many games are featured that are not seen anywhere else in modern print.
  • Numerous miscellaneous images of interesting pinball people or on-location scenes
  • Complementary articles for many of the most popular games, written at the time of the game's introduction
  • Several new stories on interesting topics such as the sportland phenomena, the Bagatelle Bar, technical information on batteries, plus tidbits on various manufacturers and industry personalities.
  • 363 printed pages (8.5" x 11") spiral bound for easy page flipping. Pages lay flat. All pages black and white.
  • A Table of Contents ordered alphabetically by manufacturer (and chronologically within each manufacturer).
  • An index with entries for each game featured, plus a cross index of all games alphabetically within each manufacturer. Handy when you know the name of the game but not perhaps the maker.

Click here to view a sample ad from the catalog (118K).

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